Worry Wort

    There is nothing to worry about, many things to think about! 9 Worry-Busting Steps: Make a list of your worries – what are you worried about? Analyze the list – look at if your worry is productive or unproductive. Embrace uncertainty – what do you need to accept to get over it? Bore […]

Stay Focused

    Do your creative work first, every decision we make tires the brain. Check off the tasks that require creativity or concentration first thing in the morning and then move onto the easier tasks. Turn off all distractions and commit your attention to a single task. Train your brain like a muscle. Get off […]


    What does self-respect mean? Self-respect is pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.     To have self-respect is to take yourself for who you are – to wake up and forgive yourself for mistakes you have made. View yourself in a positive way. Don’t […]

Painful Rejection

    Rejection is one of the strongest emotional challenges! Most people face some sort of rejection throughout their lifetime to some degree or another.  Rejection sends us on a mission to seek and destroy our self-esteem. Blaming ourselves and attacking our self-worth only deepens the emotional pain we feel and makes it harder for […]

Knowledge Is Power

    Knowledge is Power! This saying comes from Francis Bacon, with much truth! However, knowledge is power only if you use your knowledge!     The more one knows, the more one will be able to control events. However, knowledge isn’t just about control; it’s about progress!     One must strive to continue […]

Keeping It Simple

KISS = Keep It Simple and Sophisticated     Simple doesn’t mean easy, some of the simplest things are often the hardest to accomplish!     Not everything will ever go your way, don’t expect too much. It’s easy to criticize, but much harder to realize the reason why you’re criticizing is probably out of […]

Building Strong Relationships by Conversation

    The more people you interact with every day the better it is. According to the most recent medical research, maintaining ties that bind you to others (family, friends – old & new) is more important than previously thought.     There is evidence strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life. […]

Be Adventurous

     It is far too easy for us to fall into a daily rut! We do the same things every day; eat the same things every day, etc. etc. We soon find ourselves in such a grind we find ourselves looking for a glimmer of some adventure and excitement.      When we reach […]

Balanced Lifestyle

     If you are unhealthy it becomes very difficult to accomplishment much! Take care of yourself, burning the candle at both ends will catch up to you. Burn out can sneak up on you!      Keep your life on a priority system, know what has to be accomplished; you can’t do everything! “Don’t […]

Life is Like a Rose

We all come from different types of soil and growing seasons; some rich, some rocky, others sandy. Our growing conditions and seasons are all different. We all gain our nourishment in different ways, yet each and every one of you is beautiful in our own way. Complexity of a rose is much like the complexity […]