Life is Like a Rose

We all come from different types of soil and growing seasons; some rich, some rocky, others sandy. Our growing conditions and seasons are all different. We all gain our nourishment in different ways, yet each and every one of you is beautiful in our own way.

Complexity of a rose is much like the complexity of our lives. A thorny stem provides protection to us as we grow, yet it also represents the unpleasant issues we go through in life. As we grow and mature we become stronger and more resilient as we bloom.

Each delicate petal forms, which gives off a sweet smell. Each and every rose forms a soft silky beautiful shape of its own; in its own vibrate color. Much like each and every one of us; we all come from different backgrounds, come through many different struggles in life, we all survive on various nourishment yet when we come together as a group we form a beautiful bouquet!

~ Joanne R Kanute

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