Stay Focused

    Do your creative work first, every decision we make tires the brain. Check off the tasks that require creativity or concentration first thing in the morning and then move onto the easier tasks. Turn off all distractions and commit your attention to a single task.

Train your brain like a muscle.

    1. Get off the internet – taking a break is very important
    2. Quit tapping on that phone – put your phone in a different room, out of sight out of mind.
    3. Make a list and go through it methodically – you will receive great satisfaction by manually crossing off a task from the list.
    4. Turn on some music – without words – music helps productivity. Music with lyrics can be distracting.
    5. Make someone (or something) your personal productivity trainer – promise someone you will get a project done, say it out loud.
    6. Set a deadline and do not break it – don’t think about, don’t talk about it, just DO IT!
    7. The journey is long, so slow down – be realistic with your expectations.
    8. Limit outside attention grabbers
    9. Shut your door
    10. Get to the bottom of procrastination
    11. Take small bites

    “Your life is a timeline that is moving every second, two things are certain: You can’t visit your past and you can’t foresee your future, so why not live in the moment!” ~ Steven Aitchison

    Keep On Keeping On – Nothing beautiful ever came easy!

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