10 Steps to Finding the “NEW YOU”!

      Do you battle with keeping a positive self-image or self-esteem? I DID, during my childhood I was told several times a week I was fat, ugly, dumb and would never amount to anything! This was a daily battle I carried into my earlier adult years. Does it ever completely disappear? No, it is a battle we must gain control over to move forward with our journey in life.

      Many people often ask me, how did you ever overcome those deep wounds? My answer, I have the scars but the wounds have healed by the help of God! First I had to forgive, forgive doesn’t mean you will forget! We forgive because it is biblical, we must forgive so we can move forward. We lived through our past experience once, why do we want to continue to put ourselves through those experiences over and over; forgive and MOVE forward with your journey of life. We want to learn from our past and use it to make our future stronger due to our past pain!

      How does one begin to strengthen our self-image and self-esteem? We must begin with our Personal Image; we need to learn how to build a strong personal image. When we strengthen our personal image we in turn strengthen our self-esteem! The other avenues we need to explore through our journey of life are our: Social Image, Emotional Image, Physiological Image and Environmental Image.

“Looking your BEST strengthens your self-image, a stronger self-image increases your self-esteem, and a greater self-esteem brings greater SUCCESS!” ~ Joanne R Kanute

Here are 10 key steps to help build a strong self-image, which is where it all begins! Let’s begin at the starting point of our journey to a better future!

10 Steps to Finding the “NEW YOU”!

  1. Facial Shape:
    • Oblong
    • Rectangle
    • Round
    • Square
    • Inverted Triangle
    • Heart
    • Diamond
    • Triangle
  2. Skin Undertone & Wearing your BEST Colors:
    • Spring or Autumn – Warm/Yellow Base: Milky, Golden Freckles
    • Summer or Winter – Cool/Blue Base: Sallow or Olive
  3. Hairstyle:
    • Hairstyle should complement your facial shape
    • Hairstyle should go with your personality style
    • Hairstyle should coordinate with your body shape and goals
  4. Hair Color:
    • Hair color should match your skin undertones
    • Lighter hair has a softer look
    • Dark hair has a dramatic look
  5. Body Image:
    • A Frame
    • V Frame
    • H Frame
    • 8 Frame
    • O Frame
  6. Personality Type:
    • Popular Sanguine –the extrovert, the talker
    • Peaceful Phlegmatic – the introvert, the follower
    • Powerful Choleric – the extrovert, the leader
    • Perfect Melancholy – the introvert, the thinker
  7. Fashion Personality:
    • Classic – the leader, management, emotional and balanced
    • Romantic – the artist, charming and magnetic
    • Ingénue – the decorator, the actress
    • Dramatic – the authority, business  owner, in control, risk taker
    • Natural – the business team player, warm and friendly, goal-oriented
    • Gamin – the communicator, spunky and energetic
  8. Healthy Aging:
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Healthy Communication & Relationship
  9. Reduce Stress:
    • Recognize your worry
    • Do a reality check
    • Make a plan
    • Relax your body and mind
  10. Goals:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Targeted Time

Be the BEST you can be!

What does self-image mean to you? What do you want most to change?

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